SmartComm EMS

Climate change has become more severe in recent years and, therefore, is a topic of concern and debate. To address this global challenge, the first step is to look at our energy footprint and focus on reducing the amount of energy we consume.

L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A) offers SmartComm EMS – Energy Management Software that helps you monitor energy consumption in real-time, take corrective actions in areas of energy wastage and improve energy efficiency.

The SmartComm EMS can handle single location or multi-location requirements with ease. The software, available in on-premises or cloud-based licenses model, meets every requirement of the energy management system

An intuitive web-based dashboard offers several insights to its users. Through user-friendly dashboards, the software offers 24×7 real-time insight into your facilities to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

From design to deployment, user-friendly tools allow easy implementation and commissioning of SmartComm EMS.

The Prepaid Metering module in SmartComm EMS allows to connect/disconnect supply on the basis of credit balance in the prepaid meter which helps the Facility Management and customers to manage their billing seamlessly

Designed with  LoRaWAN, it allows you to implement a wireless metering solution for a large residential area or commercial facilities.

Salient features

  • A glimpse of the entire energy consumption in the plant on the dashboard
  • Easy & Quick benchmarking of energy consumption
  • Easy navigation through the modules
  • Excel-based reports with charts with the provision of password protection
  • All parameters in the device can be monitored from the software
  • Multiple combinations of devices and parameters for analysis
  • Provision to generate multiple report types
  • Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) report
  • Access to features defined by user levels
  • E&A meters preconfigured in the software

Advanced Multifunction Meter

Maximum Demand Controller

Multifunction Meter